MegaPlanet – Login Screen

Project Overview

The login screen prototype for “MegaPlanet,” the upcoming new iteration of the popular Facebook game “MiniPlanet,” aims to provide players with a seamless and captivating experience as they embark on a journey in the virtual world. This project overview highlights the key features and goals of the login screen prototype.

Objective: The primary objective of the login screen prototype is to create an engaging and user-friendly interface that allows players to access their “MegaPlanet” accounts effortlessly. The prototype should capture the essence of the game while showcasing new features and improvements compared to its predecessor.

Key Features:

  1. Visually Stunning Design: The login screen prototype for “MegaPlanet” will feature a visually striking design that reflects the game’s vibrant and immersive virtual world. High-quality graphics, animations, and enticing visual elements will be incorporated to captivate users and pique their curiosity.
  2. Seamless Account Access: The prototype will provide a smooth and streamlined login process, allowing players to sign in using their existing accounts or create new ones. Integration with popular social media platforms and email authentication will be implemented to provide multiple login options for user convenience.
  3. Interactive Elements: Engaging interactive elements will be integrated into the login screen prototype to enhance the user experience. This may include interactive backgrounds, clickable icons, or mini-games that add an element of excitement and fun during the login process.
  4. Enhanced Security Measures: To ensure the safety of players’ accounts, robust security measures such as password encryption, two-factor authentication, and account recovery options will be implemented. Clear and concise instructions regarding security best practices will be provided to educate and guide players in safeguarding their accounts.
  5. Personalization Options: The prototype will feature personalization options that allow players to customize their login screen experience. This may include choosing avatars, selecting preferred themes or backgrounds, or setting notification preferences, enabling users to create a login environment that suits their preferences.


  1. Create a visually captivating and immersive login screen that sets the tone for the “MegaPlanet” experience.
  2. Develop a seamless and user-friendly login process that allows easy access to existing accounts and new account creation.
  3. Enhance security measures to protect player accounts and provide a sense of trust and reliability.
  4. Introduce interactive elements to make the login process engaging and enjoyable for players.
  5. Provide a platform to communicate game news, updates, and announcements, keeping players informed and engaged with the “MegaPlanet” community.

The login screen prototype for “MegaPlanet” aims to establish a positive first impression, enticing players to embark on an exciting virtual journey within the game. By combining visually stunning design, interactive elements, enhanced security measures, and informative game news, the prototype will contribute to a seamless and captivating user experience, setting the stage for the immersive world of “MegaPlanet.”

Key Components

Login Screen Background Animation

Creating an animation for the login screen helps bring the game to life from the very beginning. From the clouds moving back and forth, to the shooting star in the background. This helps capture the users’ attention when entering the login screen for the first time.

The background has also been designed so that the stars are not in the way of any login components.

This keeps the login screen clean and user-friendly as to not distract the user’s attention away from the crucial goal of either creating a new account or logging in to an existing account.

App Entry Onboarding Animation

The goal of the Onboard animation is to signal to the user that the game plays in landscape mode.

We thought it important that the login screen is in native Portrait mode and the game be played in Landscape mode. By having this onboarding animation after the login screen. Users will recognize the change in the layout and turn their phone to landscape.