NatureDex – Animal Exploration & Tracker App

What is NatureDex?

The Inspiration for NatureDex comes from two very popular Nintendo Games; Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. The idea is simple. Users go out into the wilderness and find new animals. They capture the animals using their devices and cameras. As users capture new animals, they gain experience and build their journals with new animal entries.

The app’s true purpose lies in the exploration that the users make. Every time the user finds an animal, the application will then store the timing and location of that finding. This data will be used by Conservationists to further study the migration of animals across various areas.

For example, in the State of Missouri. Elk were once native to the state and often seen, until the population grew and developments escalated, the elk population dwindled until they became extinct to the area. Now Elk have been bred in order to be reintroduced into Missouri’s habitat. NatureDex helps keep track of Elk sightings across the state by the users. As elk are sighted, it would be easier to track the migration patterns over the course of a year to see where the elk move around the state. Many other animals that are both indigenous as well as not relatively native to the area could be tracked using NatureDex.

Design Features

Three key features of the NatureDex application are Journal, Photo Sharing, and State Specific Animal Tracking. The Journal is the first key design feature because it allows the user to see exactly which animals they have encountered in nature, as well as give educational facts about that specific animal. Photo Sharing is another key feature that allows the user to share and view other user photos regarding specific spotted animals. Lastly, State Specific Animal Tracking allows all users of the platform to see exactly what animals have been tracked in their states, as well as when and where these animals have been spotted. This can be extremely useful for animals that may pose a threat to humans or pets.

Target Market

The market for NatureDex is very simple, all individuals who enjoy the outdoors and enjoy nature. By users simply being outside and exploring, they are bound to see various animals on their adventures. Some may pursue other harder-to-find animals, while others, may just prefer finding small common animals such as Squirrels, Rabbits, Etc.

The app is designed to be not only a digital journal but a progressive adventure. Users can level up and earn achievements as they find animals and use the application more. Therefore it can create exciting competition between the user and their other adventuring friends.

Difference Made

It doesn’t matter if users are extremely active, or just snap the occasional photos of a rare animal spotting. Every animal tracked and found gives data that is currently not readily available to conservationists.

NatureDex will assist Conservationists by providing a way to track and monitor various animal migration, and give real time data and information back to users and nonusers living in a populous.

Preliminary Design Systems

Conceptual Logo Designs

Initial Flow Charts

Initial Design System Layout & Color Scheme

Figma Prototype