Hallowed Be Thy Horde – WoW Guild Website

Project Description: Website Design for “Hallowed Be Thy Horde”

The website design project for “Hallowed Be Thy Horde,” a former World of Warcraft guild, aimed to create a comprehensive online platform that served as a central hub for guild members. The website facilitated communication, provided important guild-related information, and allowed members to apply for PVP and Raid teams. Additionally, it served as a repository for meeting agendas and notes before and after monthly guild meetings.

Key Features:

  1. News and Updates: The website prominently displayed news and updates related to the guild. Guild leaders could post announcements, event details, and important information to keep members informed about the latest happenings within the guild. This ensured that members were up to date with guild activities and could easily access relevant information.
  2. Team Applications: To streamline the team formation process, the website featured an application system for PVP and Raid teams. Members interested in joining specific teams could submit their applications online, providing their character information, preferred roles, availability, and any relevant experience. This allowed guild leaders to efficiently review applications and make informed decisions when assembling teams.
  3. Meeting Agendas and Notes: Prior to monthly guild meetings, the website displayed the agenda, outlining the topics to be discussed. After the meetings, detailed meeting notes were published on the website, providing members who were unable to attend with a summary of the discussions, decisions, and action items. This ensured transparency and allowed all members to stay engaged and informed about the guild’s direction.
  4. User Profiles: Each guild member had a personal profile on the website, displaying their character information, achievements, and team affiliations. This helped foster a sense of community and allowed members to connect with one another, discuss strategies, and coordinate activities.
  5. Guild Resources: The website served as a repository for guild resources, including guides, strategy documents, and helpful links. These resources were easily accessible to members, providing them with valuable information to enhance their gameplay and contribute to the guild’s success.
  6. Responsive Design: The website was designed to be responsive, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This allowed members to access the website and its features conveniently, regardless of their preferred device.


  1. Create a centralized platform for guild members to access news, updates, and important information about “Hallowed Be Thy Horde.”
  2. Facilitate the team formation process by implementing an online application system for PVP and Raid teams.
  3. Improve communication and transparency within the guild by publishing meeting agendas and notes on the website.
  4. Foster a sense of community among guild members by providing and promoting a central location for interaction and collaboration outside of the game itself.
  5. Helped drive in new members by allowing potential applicants to check out the guild website prior to applying to the guild to get a sense of what we accomplished in the game.
  6. Provide a repository of guild resources to help members improve their gameplay and contribute to the guild’s success.

The website design for “Hallowed Be Thy Horde” successfully served as a comprehensive online platform, promoting effective communication, facilitating team formation, and enhancing the overall guild experience. By providing news updates, team applications, meeting agendas and notes, user profiles, and guild resources, the website fostered a strong sense of community, allowing guild members to stay connected, informed, and engaged.