MegaPlanet is an upcoming mobile, tablet, and desktop top-down social game currently in development by Raging Bull Games. Within MegaPlanet players will be able to design their own “Pads” by collecting various furniture, clothing, and accessories. They will be able to interact socially with other players both within their “Pads” and within the social environments.

As Head of UX/UI. It is my responsibility to oversee of the UX/UI Department. It is our goal to have industry-leading interface designs and in order to achieve that goal I must maintain a department of industry-leading designers willing to push the limits of design. UX/UI Designs include Account Login/Creation/Recovery Screens, In-Game interface, and menus. In order to produce effective design systems I must be in constant coordination with team leaders and the Development team to ensure everyone is on the same page and the content produced is able to be developed accordingly inside Unity.